19 days after Moti brothers kidnapping, family pleads for their release


The Moti family has once more pleaded with the kidnappers of their four boys to release them safely.

The Moti brothers, Zila, Zayyad, Alaan and Zidan, were on their way to the Curro Heuwelkruin private school when armed men in two vehicles blocked the R37 highway, fired shots and forced the children out of the car.

This all happened nineteen days ago and there has been no update from the authorities.

The youngest brother, Zidan, recently turned seven but there was no birthday party, only sadness as he and his brothers have still not been returned home.

Thus far, there has been no confirmation surrounding any ransom demand from the kidnappers from the Moti family, who are prominent business people in Polokwane.

Sources: News365, MSN