58 people killed a day in SA


JOHANNESBURG – More people are being killed in South Africa than ever before.

An average of 58 people die every day, with weekends the most deadly.

Police Minister Bheki Cele said the crime statistics don’t paint a rosy picture.

But he still believes violent crime can be halved in less than a decade.

21 022 people were killed between April last year and March this year.

Again, Nyanga in Cape Town tops the list of the country’s murder hotspots.

The Institute for Security Studies says more targeted interventions are needed.

“Focus, don’t try and be everywhere at once. Don’t celebrate the idea of general visibility, be visible where you need to be visible, address the people who are known to be repeat offenders. But to address long-term trends in South Africa, you have to marry that policing with social interventions that lead us to our violence-accepting norms and addressing violence with more violence,” said ISS senior researcher, Andrew Faull.

Police say they are looking at producing statistics at shorter intervals, to make it easier to respond to crimes.