November 2019 STATS


• DATE: 01/11/2019
• WHERE: Alexandria, Eastern Cape.
• TIME: Unconfirmed

Farm was attacked by four armed suspects. The occupants were tied up and weapons, phones and TVs were stolen. Suspects escaped in the victims’ Toyota Fortuner which was found abandoned later.


• DATE: 01/11/2019
• WHERE: Pietermaritzburg
• TIME: 11:00

An 18-year old was grabbed from behind and thrown on the bed. A scuffle ensued. The attacker drew scissors and stabbed the victim on the hand. The teenager was tied up and a T-shirt was stuffed into her mouth. She managed to break free and phone her parents and locked herself in her bedrooom until help arrived.


• DATE: 01/11/2019
• WHERE: Newcastle, KwaZulu Natal
• TIME: Unconfirmed

A farmer, Anton Pitout (42) was attacked by a mob on his farm in the mountain areas of the Drakensberg. He was very severely assaulted with knobkerries and other objects all over his body, head and face and was lucky to survive. This is the third attack he has endured in this year.


• DATE: 01/11/2019
• WHERE: Zandfontein, Brits, North West.
• TIME: Unconfirmed

Victims were held up by armed suspects who forced their way into the house. Dogs were poisoned and the vehicle’s tires slashed.


• DATE: 01/11/2019
• WHERE: Warrenton
• TIME: 22:30

An Elderly woman, Rina Spangenberg (86) was stabbed by a gun wielding man and was rushed to the local Hospital where she later died as a result of the injuries she sustained. The victim was robbed of her television set, five live chickens and meat from the freezer.


• DATE: 01/11/2019
• WHERE: East London chips-factory
• TIME: 10:30

Joseph Baartman, 47, fighting for his life – doused with petrol and torched in front of 130 horrified workers by 6 armed robbers. He suffered 50% burns. Large amount of business takings was stolen and workers were terrorised.


• DATE: 01/11/2019
• WHERE: Strand, Western Cape
• TIME: 10:40

The body of Eldie Gerber, 56, was found at his apartment with multiple head injuries. A 30-year-old suspect was arrested near the murder scene while still in possession of the victim’s property.


• DATE: 01/11/2019
• WHERE: Dalview, Gauteng
• TIME: 11:00

Four robbers, two of whom were armed with firearms, left staff and learners severely traumatized. The incident was particularly bad for the blind children. One of the robbers wanted to bite a teacher’s fingers because she couldn’t get her rings off. The robbers went on with jewelry, two cell phones, a laptop, other items as well as two special calculators that use visually impaired children. No one was seriously injured.


• DATE: 02/11/2019
• WHERE: Bultfontein, Gauteng
• TIME: Unconfirmed

Two armed attackers gained access to the smallholding and held up four workers. One worker was attacked and another raped. One of the workers managed to raise the alarm, causing the attackers to flee.


• DATE: 02/11/2019
• WHERE: Middelburg, Mpumalanga.
• TIME: 05:00

Couple were attacked on their farm by an unknown number of suspects. Male victim, Leon Bester sustained injuries to his arm. Vehicle and house keys stolen. SAPS was on scene, no arrests made.


• DATE: 02/11/2019
• WHERE: Overberg, Western Cape
• TIME: 20:00

MC Fletcher got his testicles shot to pieces when he and a burglar wrestled for possession of a firearm and a shot went off suddenly.


• DATE: 03/11/2019
• WHERE: Not Confirmed
• TIME: Not Confirmed

Translator on Boere Krisis Aksie ‘s facebook is in a critical condition as ‘a victim of a serious crime’ No futher details available.


• DATE: 03/11/2019
• WHERE: Nelspruit, Mpumalanga.
• TIME: Unconfirmed

Henry, Martie and their son, Tommie Brown were attacked on their farm by four panga and ax

e-wielding suspects. Victims sustained serious injuries, but the son managed to fight off and fatally shoot one of the suspects. Victims taken to local hospitals.


• DATE: 03/11/2019
• WHERE: Witrivier, Mpumalanga.
• TIME: Unconfirmed

Farmer was attacked whilst inspecting his fence. The attackers took his vehicle, which was later recovered by AfriForum Neighbourhood Watch members and SAPS. Suspects fled, but explosives were found in the vehicle.


• DATE: 03/11/2019
• WHERE: Graaff Reinet
• TIME: Unconfirmed

A female resident Julian Lukas, 63, was found dead, wrapped in a blanket, at her home in Santaville. A man in possession of her belongings has been arrested.


• DATE: 03/11/2019
• WHERE: Fishhoek, West Cape
• TIME: 05:50

Westley Sweetnam, was murdered in his home in a mindless act of violence. He was shot dead during a suspected robbery at his home.


• DATE: 04/11/2019
• WHERE: Stella, North West.
• TIME: Unconfirmed

Victims were attacked by an unknown number of attackers. Vehicle and firearms were stolen, but recovered during the follow up.


• DATE: 04/11/2019
• WHERE: Mabeskraal, North West
• TIME: Unconfirmed

Stephan du Plessis (35) was shot in the face as he was passing an armed robbery that was taking place at the post office. He then managed to drive himself to Rietfontein clinic in Mabalstad that was 20 kilometers away. When he arrived he passed out and was then rushed by air ambulance to a hospital in Centurion.


• DATE: 04/11/2019
• WHERE: Dolphins Point
• TIME: Unconfirmed

Canadian tourist was allegedly assaulted and robbed. Mediclinic George confirmed that the woman had been admitted and had undergone an operation before being discharged. The hospital did not want to divulge any more information.


• DATE: 04/11/2019
• WHERE : Bela-Bela
• TIME: Not Confirmed

Jurgens Oberholzer, 64, died under strange circumstances after someone “pushed” him into the town’s main street. His family, meanwhile, has provided a reward for information about this incident.


• DATE: 05/11/2019
• WHERE: Carletonville
• TIME: 18:48

Ten heavily armed attackers point firearms at the cashiers and supervisors, ordering them to open the tills and lie down. One supervisor hesitated and was shot in the leg with a 9mm pistol. Another security guard was pistol whipped twice on the head. The attackers robbed the supermarket and liquor store and got away with cash and valuables to the value of about R30,000.


• DATE: 06/11/2019
• WHERE: Doornfontein, Nylstroom (Modimolle) Limpopo
• TIME: 12:30

A farm attack. Five attackers, two armed with firearms, assaulted and locked farm workers in a walk-in fridge. The owner was not on the farm at the time of the attack.


• DATE: 06/11/2019
• WHERE: Ugie, Eastern Cape
• TIME: 20:45

An elderly couple aged (68) and (67) was attacked by three 3 suspects.
Withdrew an undisclosed amount of money, tied the elderly man up and allegedly threw petrol in the house and set it alight. Both managed to get out of the house through the windows and alerted the police.
The suspects fled the scene in an unknown vehicle.


• DATE: 07/11/2019
• WHERE: Pretoria, Gauteng
• TIME: 13:00

Three robbers hit the Compuport computer shop. Cell phones and cash were demanded from customers and staff. Uncle Leon was shot dead. Coert Oberholzer (54), owner of the shop and Kobus Botha (50) were wounded.

In the office, a shooting occurred when the owner pulled out his firearm and fired at the robbers. One robber was shot dead. Another was arrested at the scene. The third robber fled.


• DATE: 07/11/2019
• WHERE: Thornhill, Eastern Cape.
• TIME: Uncornfirmed

An elderly couple was attacked by 4 armed suspects. The couple was tied up and cash, a laptop and jewellery were stolen. No serious injuries report



• DATE: 07/11/2019
• WHERE: Badfontein, Mpumalanga.
• TIME: Uncornfirmed

Farmworkers were attacked by 5 armed attackers. No serious injuries reported. No further information available.


• DATE: 08/11/2019
• WHERE: Brits
• TIME: Not Confirmed

A case of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, has been opened at the Brits Police Station, after an innocent woman motorist was allegedly attacked by a group of taxi operators on Van Deventer Street, where one of the numerous roads that was barricaded during the taxi operator siege of Brits.


• DATE: 08/11/2019
• WHERE: Vereeniging, Gauteng
• TIME: 20:00

A family outing along the Vaal River turned into a tragedy when four men attacked, detained and assaulted the family in the midnight hours. Buks Oosthuizen, 47, was killed during the attack. He was attacked with a spade. His companion Susan Coetzee received stitches for head wounds the children are unharmed.


• DATE: 9/11/2019
• WHERE: Sedgefield, Western Cape.
• TIME: Not Confirmed

3 victims were attacked and tied up by 5 armed attackers. House was ransacked, Cash and jewellery stolen. Attackers fled on foot, no serious injuries reported.


• DATE: 09/11/2019
• WHERE: Stilfontein, North West.
• TIME: Not Confirmed

Farmer was attacked by an unknown number of attackers pretending to want to buy cattle. Farmer was hit in the face with a pistol. No further details available.


• DATE: 9/11/2019
• WHERE: Muldersdrift, Gauteng.
• TIME: Uncornfirmed

Female victim woke up and noticed hands reaching through the window. Shots were fired, hitting her three times. Phone stolen, victim taken to hospital.


• DATE: 10/11/2019
• WHERE: Balfour, Mpumalanga.
• TIME: Uncornfirmed

Couple was woken by 4 attackers surrounding their bed. They were assaulted and tied up. Various firearms and a Toyota Land Cruiser stolen.


• DATE: 11/11/2019
• WHERE: Welbekend, Gauteng.
• TIME: Uncornfirmed

Couple was attacked by 7 armed suspects, pretending to be clients. Female victim was hit on the head with a pistol. Weapons, jewellery, cash and phone stolen.


• DATE: 11/11/2019
• WHERE: Bronkhorstpruit
• TIME: 9:30

Ansie (70) and Ben Dreyer (73) were attacked on their farm by 7 armed robbers. 2 Robbers pretended to buy milk and also sought small money. The elderly couple were taken to their bedroom, the man’s hands and feet tied while 3 stood with their fire arms around him. The woman was forced to open the safe. The robbers searched for money and guns. R6000, jewelry, weapons, phone, farm keys and a car amplifier were stolen. The woman was hit with a shotgun to the head and the man was unharmed.


• DATE: 12/11/2019
• WHERE: Groblersdal, Limpopo
• TIME: 01:00

A fast thinking, Mrs Nell, and fast reaction of the neighborhood watch resulted in the attackers to flee. On closer investigation it was revealed that the fence had been cut and there were tracks of three people heading in and out of the property and tracks of more people on the outside of the fence.

It is presumed that there were five attackers in total and their tracks lead in the direction of the N11 road, towards Marble hall / Groblersdal.


• DATE: 12/11/2019
• WHERE: Farningham Ridge
• TIME: 14:10

A 12-year old girl had a narrow escape after armed robbers held her up at gunpoint while her parents were busy attending to the pool outside their home. The suspects were wearing gloves and balaclavas. In their haste to grab valuables before fleeing one of the suspects accidentally pressed a panic button for the house alarm which went off and they then abandoned their search of the home and ran to their getaway vehicle. They fled in the direction of the M7.


• DATE: 12/11/2019
• WHERE: Jeffreysbay, Eastern Cape
• TIME: 08:00

Johannes Marx (79) was found

bound to a chair in the bedroom after security officials kicked open the front door. It was suspected Marx had either been suffocated or strangled during the attack. The safe was opened but it is not known if anything was stolen.


• DATE: 15/11/2019
• WHERE: Bramley, Gauteng
• TIME: Not Confirmed

Isabel Vancoller was fatally shot and the attackers also hijacked her vehicle at a traffic light. Six suspects were arrested.


• DATE: 15/11/2019
• WHERE: Pinetown, KwaZulu Natal
• TIME: 11:00

Marie Woolrich, 65, was so traumatised when criminals broke into her home on that she suffered a heart attack and died.
She and her husband Nigel, 69, were tied up by the robbers, struggled to breathe, collapsed and was declared dead at the scene. Black Ford Focus and a white Bantam bakkie, two wedding rings, cash, gate remotes, TV sets, a laptop and a set of keys were stolen.


• DATE: 16/11/2019
• WHERE: Verulem
• TIME: 19:04

A 23 year old has been shot dead and his pregnant girlfriend assaulted by two hijackers in Verulam. Members of Reaction Unit South Africa stumbled upon the hijacking in progress while searching the area for Robbery Suspects.


• DATE: 17/11/2019
• WHERE: Carolina, Mpumalanga
• TIME: Not Confirmed

A man was assisting his father working on a vehicle when he was attacked by two assailants with a knife. The man suffered serious injuries during the assault.


• DATE: 18/11/2019
• WHERE: Nelspruit
• TIME: 20:00

A National Crime Assist member Pierre Viljoen (60), long distance trucker were badly injured by raging black mob outside Nelspruit You are dead! You are dead!” shouted the looting black mob while stabbing him several times in his arm.


• DATE: 18/11/2019
• WHERE: Ixopo, KwaZulu Natal
• TIME: Not Confirmed

Senior state advocate Addelaid Ferreira-Watt has died after she was shot with a loaded gun at the regional court in what appears to be an accident. The weapon – believed to be a loaded shotgun – was brought to court as evidence in a house robbery case.


• DATE: 19/11/2019
• WHERE: Modjajiskloof, Limpopo
• TIME: Not Confirmed

A elderly lady was attacked by three suspects armed with sticks. She was severely beaten and robbed by the attackers. Local security companies, neighbourhood watch and SAPS from Modjajiskloof and Tzaneen responded to the attack. One suspect was arrested.


• DATE: 19/11/2019
• WHERE: Boschkop, Gauteng
• TIME: Not Confirmed

One male victim, was shot dead one female victim was stabbed in head, severely assaulted and tied up. And another female victim was also tied up not but not injured by four attackers. Gerhard Kritzinger (64) was shot in the chest, tied up and left to die. The woman who was assaulted was also tortured by having boiling water poured over her legs.


• DATE: 19/11/2019
• WHERE: Faunasig, Bloemfontein
• TIME: Not Confirmed

A 79-year-old woman was stabbed multiple times with most visible wounds on her face. it is alleged that the suspects broke a window to gain access. The elderly woman was taken to a local hospital for medical treatment. A case of robbery is opened. Police found an empty jewellery case outside the house. Indications are that jewellery was stolen.


• DATE: 19/11/2019
• WHERE: George
• TIME: Unconfirmed

A French couple was attacked and robbed by armed men on the hiking trail. The suspects fled on foot.
The man sustained stab wounds to his back and head. His wife escaped with scratches and bruises. They were robbed of a black backpack.


• DATE: 19/11/2019
• WHERE: Durban, Kwazulu Natal
• TIME: 05:45

A body of 49-year-old man was found lying on the floor in one of the hotels in North Beach. The circumstances surrounding the incident are being investigated. The post-mortem will determine the cause of death.


• DATE: 20/11/2019

WHERE: Pretoria, Gauteng
• TIME: 02:00

Francois Dennison (47) was shot several times during an altercation with a robber. He put up a five-week fight, but died. He was shot seven times and three of those were in the abdomen. The robbers took off with some valuables.


• DATE: 21/11/2019
• WHERE: Ottawa
• TIME: 16:00

An engineer was killed at the wastewater treatment plant. He was shot once in the head. The victim was in the office with a female colleague at the time of the murder. The woman is unharmed.


• DATE: 21/11/2019
• WHERE: Bothaville
• TIME: 11:00

Fasie de Kok, farm Mooispruit’s domestic workers were attacked and tied up. 4 Persons, young and wears blue overalls, weapons stolen and escaping with his white Tazz.


• DATE: 21/11/2019
• WHERE: Springfontein
• TIME: Not Confirmed

Forum SA driver shot dead by Tyre thieves.
Driver stopped to rest, woke up hearing a commotion. 2 Tyres taken out already when he startled them and shot dead.


• DATE: 21/11/2019
• WHERE: Wakefield Road, Hartbeeslaagte, Mpumalanga
• TIME: 11:00

Ten Attackers of which everyone had a firearm and some wore masks and gloves caught a 64 year old farmer off-guard when he got off his bobcat after mixing some feed for his cattle. He was severely assaulted, tied up and taken to the farm house. One farmworker was also beaten and tied up. Cash, .22 rifle and spare Keys to the Toyota Hilux was taken. The suspects fled the scene with the hilux, also taking the victim’s cell phone.


• DATE: 21/11/2019
• WHERE: Birchleigh
• TIME: Not Confirmed

Man believed to be in his 30’s found in his garden shot dead in an apparent robbery.
Paramedics found the victim lying in the corner of the garden.
Medics assessed the man and found that he had sustained numerous gunshot wounds and showed no signs of life.


• DATE: 22/11/2019
• WHERE: Howick West
• TIME: Not Confirmed

Shannah Langberg (35) to fight off three home invaders with a baseball bat. Her landlord, who tried to intervene, was shot twice in the leg during the incident. He is currently recovering in hospital. The intruders only made it off with a gas cylinder which was outside her door. Her daughter, Chelah-Rain, slept through the entire incident.


• DATE: 22/11/2018
• WHERE: Lichtenburg
• TIME: Not Confirmed

An intelligence driven operation led to the arrest of 3 suspects for illegal possession of firearms and ammunition. The arrest emanated from intelligence received that the suspects were conspiring to commit a house robbery at one of the farms in Coligny. Three hunting rifles, one pistol, one pistol magazine and 44 rounds of ammunition were discovered inside a shack. A fourth suspect was arrested for illegal possession of ammunition, 53 rounds of ammunition were found hidden beneath his bed.


• DATE: 23/11/2019
• WHERE: Berhelstown
• TIME: 17:15

Nealon Warricker (26) was walking with two friends when 4 males approached from the opposite direction. Warricker and his friends started running after seeing a firearm in the suspect’s hand. The suspect chased after Waricker and fired at him. He sustained several gunshot wounds and died at the scene. The other two did not sustain any injuries.


• DATE: 23/11/2019
• WHERE: Gauteng, Winchester Hills
• TIME: 20:00

Two Officers responded to a hijacking complaint. Initial reports suggest the two members came under fire and they were both fatally wounded at Vleiroos Street while on their way to the complaint.
The hijacked vehicle has since been recovered in Klipspruit, Soweto.


• DATE: 24/11/2019
• WHERE: Springbok, Northern Cape
• TIME: 9:00

Shakira Links (20) se liggaam is deur haar buurvrou in haar huis gevind. Sy is vermoor, niemand is inhegtenis geneem nie.


• DATE: 24/11/2019
• WHERE: Wolmaransstad, North West
• TIME: Not Confirmed

Five attackers, 3 me

n and two woman posed as sheep buyers and lured a couple from there home to the kraal to view sheep. The farmer (67) was tied up and brutally murdered whilst his wife was dragged to the farm house where she was very severely assaulted and tortured.


• DATE: 25/11/2019
• WHERE: Polokwane (Pietersburg) Limpopo
• TIME: 03:00

A single mom with 2 kids heard the dogs barking and opened the curtain to see why they were barking. She looked straight into the face of a black man. When she turned to run, he shot her through the thigh from behind.


• DATE: 25/11/2019
• WHERE: Thornhill
• TIME: 20:30

Several shots fired and stones thrown at a father (57) and his 18 year old son through the windows of their home. During the process the father was hit by one of the bullets in his leg. Perpetrators fled on foot. No items were taken during the attack.


• DATE: 25/11/2019
• WHERE: Port Alfred
• TIME: 13:40

A teenager was jogging along West Beach when she was approached by a male who was armed with a knife. The male sexually assaulted her at knife point and thereafter robbed her of her cell phone and fled. The suspect was arrested.


• DATE: 25/11/2019
• WHERE: Bapsfontein, Nestpark, Gauteng
• TIME: 22:00

Two attackers, of which at least one was armed attacked a man who was sitting on his porch and viciously assaulted him with shovels. The man fought back but was overpowered and was then shot by one of the attackers.


• DATE: 26/11/2019
• WHERE: Eastern Cape
• TIME: Not Confirmed

The body of an 81-year-old woman was found in her bed at her home. Her throat had been slit.


• DATE: 26/11/2019
• WHERE: Nigel, East Rand
• TIME: 14:30

Hans van Rooyen, 83, an elderly businessman was killed in his home. A neighborhood watch member of Nigel Community Control found the man on the kitchen floor, hands and feet tied, he was brutally assaulted, but the cause of death remains to be determined.


• DATE: 26/11/2019
• WHERE: Heuweloord, Centurion

Gerrie Nel fought back fiercely with his Rhodesian ridgeback dog Max against gunmen invading their home. Both shot dead.


• DATE: 26/11/2019
• WHERE: Alberton
• TIME: 13:00

Father and son aged 53 and 27, shot and died at the scene. The motive for the killing is unknown at this stage, police are searching for the suspects driving a white Hyundai i10 Grand.


• DATE: 27/11/2019
• WHERE: Clocolan, Freestate
• TIME: 19:00

Pieter Dreyer attack on his farm by 3 suspects, they fled towards Ficksburg. Farmer sustained light injuries and one suspect could be wounded. No further info at this stage.


• DATE: 28/11/2019
• WHERE: N1, Simonsvlei
• TIME: 2:00

A woman has died after her car was hit with a big rock in the early hours. Michele Pietersen, a former teacher at Secondary School New Orleans in Paarl and her husband, Anton were on their way back home from Cape Town when the incident took place.
The rock went directly at her and she was killed almost immediately.


• DATE: 28/11/19
• WHERE: Vryheid, KZN
• TIME: Not Confirmed

2 Suspects attacked an elderly farmer in his house. Farmer managed to stop one attacker but was shot through the arm by the other. No arrests yet. Farmer in hospital.


• DATE: 28/11/2019
• WHERE: Not Confirmed
• TIME: 17:00

Gerrit du Plessis (58) arrived home to find that the front door of the farm house had been broken, he was then confronted by two intruders. Gerrit was violently attacked with rocks by one of suspects. Fortunately his wife, who was still in the car was unharmed.
There is no other information, the police are investigating but there have been no arrests.


• DATE: 29/11/2019
• WHERE: Hoopstad
• TIME: Not Confirmed

An eldery woman (89) was attacked with a hammer. She was sleeping. Attacker came through the roof. No

further information available.


• DATE: 29/11/19
• WHERE: Ventersburg, Free State.
• TIME: Not Confirmed

2 Suspects attacked and assaulted a male victim after which they raped his wife twice. Ordeal lasted about 5-6 hours.


• DATE: 29/11/2019
• WHERE: Humansdorp / Jeffreys Bay EC
• TIME: 9:00

1 Suspect wounded and arrested. 1 Suspect still on foot. K9 unit was on the 2nd suspect’s track last night. No further information at this time.