Black farmers ‘besieged’ by attackers, stock thieves – union


Many black farmers and their workers have been victims of farm attacks, but their plight has not got media attention as the attacks on white farmers has.

‌Organised black farmers struggling to come to terms with the brutal killing of a Limpopo farmer and his longtime employee are demanding the authorities take action.

They said attacks on black farmers and their workers were continuing unnoticed in the country.
Farmer and entrepreneur Simon Malebane, 61, and his employee, Daniel Ngoagamobe, 59, were attacked and killed at Malebane’s farm at Radium, about 20km from Bela Bela in Limpopo recently.

Family spokesperson Kgati Malebane said the farmer was nearing his house when he stopped to open a gate and was ambushed on the night of August 16. He was severely assaulted with pangas and taken inside the house.

‌The attackers found Ngoagamode sleeping in the house and shot him in the head.

Police found both men dead on the morning of August 17.
Malebane had farms in Limpopo, Mpumalanga and North West and ran a string of businesses.

His nephew Kgati Malebane described his uncle as an excellent entrepreneur and provider.
“He was a loving husband, father, uncle and mentor to all of us.
“He guided us in daily business and throughout our lives,” Kgati said.
National African Farmers Union president Motsepe Matlala condemned the murders as “cruel, gruesome and merciless”.
Matlala said many black farmers and their workers had been victims of farm attacks and stock theft, but their plight had not got media attention as the attacks on white farmers had.

“The narrative that only white farmers are attacked or killed is incorrect.
“The media and South Africans in general have not paid attention to the plight of black farmers. But we have not been making much noise, like white farmers have.”