Breaking: Nicholas Ninow sentenced to life behind bars


Following 13 months of court appearances, mental hospital visits and various bizarre interjections, the Nicholas Ninow case has finally come to a conclusion. It’s ended with the convicted Dros Rapist getting life in prison for raping a seven-year-old girl in a restaurant bathroom. He was also given a further 10 years for two additional charges:

Nicholas Ninow sentenced to life in prison

The past two days in the Pretoria High Court have proved to be frenetic and engrossing. The defence lawyers representing Nicholas Ninow have brought up elements of his troubled past – including sexual abuse and drug-fuelled binges from the age of 13 – in an attempt to mitigate the severity of a jail sentence.
The prosecution, however, stood firm in the face of these sob stories. They argued that the abhorrence of the crime could not be undone by Ninow’s own struggles, blaming him for “ruining the life” of an innocent young girl. Earlier in the day, the court heard how his young victim was now a shell of her former self, suffering from nightmares and an immeasurable amount of stress.

What the judge told the court

The judge expressed that Nicholas Ninow failed to show any remorse during the trial, separating that from the obvious regret he may have exhibit. His bizarre attempt to show an apologetic persona through a poem written for the victim was chastised, and it had little bearing on his own defence.
There is likely to be grounds for appeal for the Dros Rapist, but now the judge has handed down the maximum sentence for such a heinous crime, it’s unlikely that this decision can be overturned.