The deadly Corona virus has prompted panic buying in South Africa,as fear of food running out once the pandemic reach its peak, grips the country.
Items like toilet paper,sanitisers and tin food,have been flying off the shelves,with some big retailers literally running out of stock!

Now an ANC aligned RET(Radical Economic Transformation)group,led by disgraced former MK cadre,Carl Niehaus and Sbusiso Radebe,has condemned whites for bulk buying and stock piling food!

The group said they were concerned that companies owned by “White Monopoly Capital”,were exploiting the Corona virus crisis to make money “from increased stress and suffering” of the poor.

“We further call on the minority of South Africans( mainly whites)who have the financial means to indulge selfishly in bulk buying and food hoarding,to desist from doing so”,the group said in a statement.

They also accused the government for using sanitisers,soups and masks procured from white owned companies like Bidvest.

” We therefore demand that our ANC,as the governing party,must ensure all the products required to protect our people from exposure to the corona virus,must be procured from companies that are genuinely BLACK owned “,he said.

At the time when our country is at the grip of this deadly COVID 19 scourge,one cannot expert such divisive & racist nonsense to come from any person who considers himself a leader!
This is not the time and place to give audience to such idiots representing racist groups like the RET,and racist fools like Carl Niehaus must be condemned in the harshest possible way.

This is the most critical time for the country to unite more than before,in our common fight against this deadly Corona virus,and there is no time for racist bickerings coming from buffoons like Carl Niehaus and his white-hating,racist group like the RET.

United We Stand,Divided We Fall!