Community man killed while feeding homeless people


While a Newlands family mourns the death of a beloved husband and father, another family prays for the recovery of their teenage son after both were left riddled with bullets following a drive-by shooting in Duckbill Road, on Sunday evening.

Thirty-six-year-old Delon Howell, who was popularly known as Steady, was shot multiple times while he was distributing home-cooked meals to residents in his neighbourhood- an act of service he did every second Sunday.

“It is alleged the two victims, aged 17 and 36, were on Tandipa and Duckbill Road in Newlands East when an unknown man in a silver vehicle opened fire wounding the victims.

The motive for the killing is unknown,” she said.

Community Policing Forum’s Joanne Ryan stated that such incidents of violent crime were becoming commonplace in the area.

“We are seeing an increase in crime, shootings, hijackings and drug activity in Newlands. The community is asking for more visible policing. said Ryan.