Couple speaks out after witnessing Muldersdrift shooting scene


The couple who witnessed Len Cloete, being shot at a lodge in Muldersdrift spoke out on Tuesday.

Cloete, his wife Chantal and their friends, Breydon and Chantél booked into the lodge for a night. The lodge had kicked Cloete out of the lodge and called police to the scene for assistance.

The South Coast Herald reported that the couples planned to have supper at the lodge,The couples chose to stay over as they did not want to travel due to curfew restrictions.

In a post on Facebook, Breydon described Cloete as “one of the purest souls”.

“It was my first time at this lodge. Len loved it; he kept on saying how beautiful the place was when we just arrived there on Friday.”

According to the Chantél, the bullet is still lodged in his brain, but could not remove the bullet as his brain is too swollen.” Cloete is the owner of VO2 Max fitness centre in Pretoria.

IOL previously reported that Cloete, who was filmed in his underwear arguing with police officers, had been asked to leave the Misty Hills Lodge following an argument with management and security personnel.