DA to Ramaphosa “When will you stop being silent about farm attacks?”


The DA again calls on President Cyril Ramaphosa to break his silence regarding the increasing number of farm attacks and murders in the country.

Dianne Kohler Barnard, MP and chair of the DA’s workflow on rural security, said in a statement on Tuesday that the opposition party requested a national-level debate in the National Assembly last week regarding farm attacks and murders. The government has not yet given any indication as to whether the problem will be addressed.

“Unfortunately, it’s not strange for a government that likes to praise farmers when they need it, but never helps the farming community when it’s in crisis,” Kohler Barnard said.

Those harsh words come amid another attack earlier today on a smallholding in the Sinoville area, north of Pretoria.

In the statement, Kohler Barnard points out that the African Food Safety Center believes that the underlying issue of food insecurity contributes to the rise in crime on farms.

“One thing that people in all socio-economic circumstances in South Africa have in common is the fact that almost no one feels safe in their own homes. Violent crime is widespread, but few crimes appear to receive such a poor response from the government as farm attacks.

“The victims of these attacks are often tortured in the cruelest ways and most are considered lucky if they do not die. Still, the government remains silent, ”Kohler Barnard said.

According to the Transvaal Agricultural Union (TAU SA), there have been 59 farm attacks and 12 farm murders in the country since 1 April.