FARM ATTACK: Robbers attack 60-year-old man, cut off a piece of his ear


Du Plessis, the owner of a chicken farm in the area, says he immediately suspected unease when the dutiful Johan, who worked for him for the past two and a half years, did not show up at work on Tuesday morning.

“My son Dewald and I immediately drove to his house. We saw the wires were cut in two places and rushed into his house. “

When they got to Johan’s house, they immediately contacted the police and emergency services.

“Paramedics first stabilized Johan on the scene before rushing him to Eugene Marais Hospital in Pretoria. I went to visit him there today. The upper side of his right ear was cut off, there were several bruises all over his body and his left knee was broken, ”says Du Plessis.
According to him, early Tuesday morning, while he was sleeping on his bed,

two men in his house were taken aback. “The lights on the men’s cell phones woke him up. They were already in his room after breaking open his back door. He told me they tied him up with a nylon rope and demanded cash and firearms. When he didn’t want to cooperate, they started kicking and hitting him and then cutting off a piece of his ear.

Du Plessis says Johan is a loner running a hermit’s existence on the smallholding.

“I am aware of the increase in attacks on farms and smallholdings, but have long encountered such brutality. I can’t believe that one can do it to one’s fellow man, ”says Du Plessis.

This incident was also reported by Ian Cameron