Farm attack: Woman guns down armed robbers


A 48-year-old woman from Jeffreys Bay, Eastern Cape managed to fend off two armed robbers at her property in Kabeljous. The farm attack took place at 20:30 on Friday night, but the victim refused to become another rural crime statistic, and ferociously fought back – despite her severe injuries.

Jeffreys Bay farm attack – latest updates:

The farm owner was stabbed in the head by a sharp object. This was after she grappled with one of her would-be assailants. Following the struggle, the heroic woman reached for her firearm and shot one of the attackers in his upper body. The second suspect fled the scene immediately, leaving his accomplice behind.

Working from her home office, the woman first noticed the robbers when they tried to gain access to the secluded part of the property. They tried to shoot her through the windows, before fire was returned. As the confrontation became physical, the stabbing did not incapacitate the victim, who then discharged her weapon from close range.

Police react swiftly to farm attack in Eastern Cape

Police are still looking for the farm attack suspect at large. Anyone who might be able to assist with any information that could lead to the arrest of the other suspect is requested to contact Detective Warrant Officer Francis Scott on 082 441 7645 or SAPS Jeffreys Bay on 042 200 6800.

Humansdorp Cluster Commander Brigadier John Lebok told JBay News that this crime was being handled as “a priority” in the community. Lebok was also concerned by another instance of gender-based violence, as the scourge continues to raise its head during the 16 Days of Activism campaign.

“Crimes against women and children remain a top priority for the South African Police Service and perpetrators of such crimes will be traced and brought before court to account for their actions”.

Brigadier Lebok on the Jeffrey’ Bay farm attack

Jeffreys Bay news

As for the attacker who was shot, it looks like his second helping of karmic balance is on the way. He is currently receiving medical treatment at a local hospital. It has been confirmed that, once he has recovered from his injuries, the criminal will be processed through the Humansdorp Magistrate’s Court.

Police are continuing to investigate cases of attempted murder and attempted house robbery. Despite the violent confrontation, no fatalities have been reported from the Jeffreys Bay farm attack.