Fritz Joubert: Killer farmer’s erratic behaviour sparked concern “last week”


After brutally murdering one of his friends and terrorising their family, Fritz Joubert was shot dead by police over the weekend. The 45-year-old farmer had killed Anele Hoyana in a bizarre “ritual”, which also saw him kidnap the deceased’s family and try to disarm a SAPS officer.

Who is Fritz Joubert?

But according to some of his Facebook friends, Joubert’s behaviour had changed noticeably within the past week or two. The fatal conclusion to his reign of terror has caused outrage across the country. Many have been infuriated by the senseless loss of life, as the chaotic exchange was shared across social media. The strongest political reaction came from the EFF, who used his Springboks jersey as a political rugby ball:

“All major news outlets should be leading with this anti-black farm murder committed by a white, racist, Springbok t-shirt-wearing man. People will find this hard to accept, they will live in denial and the false euphoria created by the very politics of the Springbok t-shirt worn by the anti-black perpetrator.”

EFF statement

The EFF’s attempts to spark another confrontation over South Africa’s rugby team already seem to have fallen flat. Instead, much of the attention is now on Fritz Joubert and his beahviour immediately before this tragic murder. A few of his Facebook friends have already commented on his “beast-like” transformation.

Photo: Twitter screenshot

Fritz Joubert’s behaviour raised an alarm

There’s also some troubling testimony from Deejay Zwesta. The music producer gave a detailed account of his most-recent encounter with Fritz Joubert, and it sounded like the pre-cursor to a terrifying horror movie. Posting the comment on Monday, Zwesta listed some of the crazed behaviour he saw from his one-time friend:

  • He allegedly “smeared bank notes with blood” before buring them and placing them on Zwesta’s face.
  • It’s said Fritz Joubert was planning to invite journalists to his East London home, and then “harm them”.
  • Zwesta and his partner sneaked out of the house at 2:00 to escape “the beast” they believed Joubert had become.
  • Joubert and his victim Anele had been arguing furiously, with Hoyana threatening to ditch teaching the farmer about traditional healing. Fritz harboured a desire to become a sangoma, too.
Photo: Deejay Zwesta / Facebook

Questions raised over farmer’s behaviour before Anele murder

Zwesta – who had previously shot a music video at the farmer’s home and featured him in the final cut – described his encounter with Fritz Joubert last week as “a day from hell”:

“I was terrified he was going to kill everyone in the house. He turned into a beast that made me escape in the middle of the night. He had burnt all the money I wanted to use to get a taxi home. I begged someone to pick us up anyway, and we’d pay them once we got home. It was an absolute day from hell.”

Testimony for Deejay Zwesta

The police are continuing their investigations into the exact circumstances that lead to Anele’s death. Fritz Joubert’s decision to document his heinous crime and put them on social media will ensure his name lives on in infamy for a very long time. The unsettling content will now be reviewed studiously by SAPS.