ACCORDING to the latest news reports, Len Cloete is still in a coma in hospital.

His wife wrote on Facebook: “You are my everything! I miss you so much! tears roll and my heart is broken. You must fight, my husband, please. father bring him back! I beg You! Bring my one back! I do not want to be without him. I can not do without him. This is not the time now. Asb Here! asb, asb! I love you so much my husband! ” A string of photos was also posted.

Meanwhile, the independent police investigation directorate (ipid) on Friday announced that they were investigating cases of firing a firearm, as well as a case of attempted murder. This follows last weekend’s controversial events at the Misty Hills Hotel in Muldersdrift where Len got shot in the head after an argument with the police.

The whole incident was captured on video that spread like wildfire on social media. Tongues were pretty loose about what was really going on there. The knot in the story that is especially buzzed about is that the video starts where Len is naked and only then puts on a pair of blue underpants. This was followed by the altercation with the police, after which a shot rang out and the old man ended up on the floor.

An ipid spokeswoman Grace Langa says there is currently no reason to arrest the police officer or officers who were at the scene.

Langa’s words to IOL : “We have no reason to arrest them. Remember that people are arrested to remove them from the witnesses so that no one can be intimidated and even if they do not want to cooperate. ”

According to her, the officers give no problems and on the contrary give their cooperation with the investigation. No witnesses were victimized.

Asked if the police officer who fired the firearm was still at his post, Langa said the decision rested with the police.

A Gauteng police spokesperson, Col. Dimakatso Sello, says she can not comment on that as the matter is now in the hands of ipid.