Loving Father Brutally Shot Dead on N2


As received

This is Johan,my friend’s beloved husband…or rather WAS her beloved husband until Thursday evening on 8 August when He was brutally shot dead right here on the intersection of the N2 and Broadlands.

Why?…nobody knows – his bakkie was not taken,nor his phone,wallet or laptop.

He was a father,husband and brother and a beautiful child of God.

These senseless killings and spilling of blood MUST be stopped in South Africa. Mr Ramaphosa,use your God given authority!!! Now is the time and the season for change!
It cannot go on like this…another family destroyed by the lawlessness in our country.
World,i urge you to open your eyes to what is happening in South Africa. PRAY for us and fight for us!

VIA Anchen Knoblauch.