Major Findings in the Fiona Viotti Sex Scandal


Fiona Viotti a former teacher at Bishops Diocesan School in Cape Town was found to have engaged in sexual misconduct with at least five pupils but will not be disciplined by the school because she resigned.

Fiona Viotta resigned amid allegations of a relationship with an 18 year old pupil on October 11 and the school later announced that several more pupils may have been involved.

It launched its own investigation via lawyers, while the initial male pupil and Viotti had their own legal representation.

In a statement on Monday the school said Viotti opted to not make written submissions to the investigators after her resignation.
The main findings of the investigation are:

– During the period 2013 to 2019, and whilst employed as a teacher at the school, Fiona Viotti engaged in sexual misconduct with at least five pupils;

– The investigators were not able to ascertain with certainty to whom she had sent video or photographic images that circulated on social media;

– No information was received by the investigators that indicated that the school knew anything about the sexual misconduct with pupils;

– The investigators found that the teacher acted in breach of the Bishops Code of Professional Conduct for Teaching Staff and the Code of Professional Ethics issued by the SA Council of Educators (SACE).
In a statement Pearson said the investigators told the school they need to report the matter to the “appropriate authorities” and is co-operating in this regard.

The parents of the affected pupils have also been informed on their rights and responsibilities regarding the matter.
Pearson said the school will consider all findings and recommendations made by the investigators to ensure that we continue to make Bishops a safe environment for all our pupils and teachers.

Any further infomation may still be sent to the principal, or to the attorney, Graeme Dorrington at

“As a school we are deeply saddened by these events and remain committed to ensuring the mental health and wellbeing of those affected.”
No further details of the findings would be made available.

Booth was not immediately available to comment on behalf of Viotti.

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