Malema: “the white man committed genocide against us, took land, raped our mothers”

During the EFF apparent ground forces rally, Malema made a statement and it was later posted on their Twitter.

“We want to be like Gaddafi”, Julius Malema tells North West

Julius Malema wants to follow in Gaddafi’s footsteps

The hugely-controversial figure was seen as a brutal tyrant by his detractors, and had often been framed as a cruel leader who inflicted misery across Libya. However, the EFF – and Malema in particular – see the ex-despot as a revered freedom fighter. Gaddafi was killed during an uprising in 2011, and the “Son of the Soil” wants to bring his supposed legacy on land ownership to South Africa:

“If you love yourself as a black person, you will not negotiate for substandard housing. RDP’s are not houses, they are glorified shacks. They are dilapidated, have cracks and are falling. We want to double the social grants of the elderly and the social grants of children. And we must also fix our education system.”

“We want to be like [Colonel Muammar] Gaddafi; who would gift newly wedded couples with land. We also want to gift you with land. The ANC has stolen your land, your RDP’s and your social grants. We want to become better politicians. We must stand for truth and bring about an end to the corruption in our country.”