Man axed after stepson finds him ‘beating up’ mom


A 24-year-old man allegedly murdered his “abusive” step-father with an axe after he found him assaulting his mother.

The suspect, from Tembisa in Ekurhuleni, was arrested yesterday after fleeing the scene of the killing in Phomolong Section of the township.

Neighbours told Sowetan they found the deceased, a 46-year-old man, lying in a pool of blood yesterday morning inside a shack he shared with the suspect’s mother.

Sowetan is withholding the deceased’s name because it was not clear if his next-of-kin had been informed about his death.

A police source told Sowetan the deceased was involved in a physical fight with the suspect’s mother.

“According to his (suspect) statement, his mother, 46, called him, saying his step-
father was assaulting her and that he was threatening to kill her,” said the source.

The police officer said the son did not live with his mother.