Man Murdered at Menlyn Mall Identified, Loving Person


In a country where 59 people are murdered every day, South Africans are seldom shocked. But a murder in broad daylight at Menlyn Maine, depict the barbaric new nature of the southern part of Africa.

On December 2, 2019 around 12pm, JB Strydom (44) was murdered in front of his friends in a parking lot.
Menlyn Maine is a popular shopping mall, located at Waterkloof Glen a suburb east of the city of Pretoria.

According to some reports, one of JB’s friends met a man from whom he had bought a vehicle. An altercation took place over the payment of the vehicle.
JB got involved and tried to defend his friend.

The car salesperson who sold the vehicle, then went back to his vehicle to fetch a firearm. After watching the altercation for a while he shoots JB Strydom, point blank.