Mother Or Murdered Man’s Letter To Ramaphosa


Dear mr president
I want to introduce you to my son, his name is Braam Blignaut, a father of 4 boys who worked hard and had so many plans and dreams for his family, to see his boys grow up and follow their own dreams, to go fishing with them, oh how he loved fishing😔 he was a drill foreman on the mine, he was good at what he did!

Mr president, on the 10th of July 2015 all my son’s dreams and plans for the awesome future was taken away from him because of the evil that our people has become in this country, he was shot 4 times while trying to protect his children from harm!

They took his will to provide for his family and to be a father and husband to his wife and son’s he was left for dead, paralysed from below his chest! Mr president, how will you react when your son phone you at half past 3 in the morning and told you he was shot and can’t feel his legs? Believe me sir, i wish this on no parent! 😭 my son’s hell had started that day, in a country that failed him and his family, pain, infections became a part of his life, he woke up in pain, the government sistem failed us in the medical sistem also, went from hospital to hospital in this 4 and a half years, trying to get proper care and help for him!

Time after time we were sended home without help! I spend nights on my knees praying to my Lord to protect and keep him save for us! Mr president, my son did not have a relationship with God before he was shot, Braam grew closer and read his bible and talked to God, do you believe in God mr president?

Would you have prayed like i did if it was your son? Even the justice sistem failed him because the 2 men that did this was never caught! My son lost his right leg in 2017 due to infection, he fought so hard and so wanted to live a life with his family! This year mr president, they took his other leg, he so believed that his problems and infections are a thing of the past! Sadly mr president, Braam got sicker, he passed away on the 5th of October 2019!

My son my hero my love of my life was taken away from us in a country that he was born in and just wanted to raise a family! You mr President failed my son, my grand chidren, his wife, and most of all me, they took the most precious gift i got from God! Please hug you son mr persident and tell him you love him because there is not a promise for tomorrow!

A Mom