South Africa is a buzz following the shooting of a father of two in Muldersdrift.

The man sustained a gunshot wound to the head and is currently in icu.

The official police report after the incident circulated on social media

Good morning General
West Rand District Muldersdrift

Serious crime report

Attack on police officers.
Armed robbery
Assault on a police officer.

Cas outstanding

2021/11/13 At 00:25

Scene of crime
Misty Hills lodge
Room A36
Drift Boulevard

Complainant : CST T Ramahanedza 7028912-1

It is alleged that the guest known as Len Cloete checked in at Misty Hills lodge. He was then refused access to the premises because he had a firearm with him. After having an argument with the staff he left and came back without a firearm on his possession. He was allocated a room.

CST Sambo and CST Mbhalati received a complaint of fighting at Misty Hills lodge.On arrival they found one of the guests (Len Cloete)fighting with the staff members of Misty Hills.
The guest was requested to leave and he will be refunded which he refused to do.That is why the police were called.He was very arrogant and aggressive.He went to his car to fetch a cooler box and proceeded to his room.The manager and members went together with him to the room.He was swearing at members and the staff.
Members requested back up.Sgt Nemaxwi,CST Shibambo,CST Ramahanedza and CST Mogoshane arrived to give back up.
On arrival at his room he assaulted Sgt Nemaxwi with a fist on his face and also assaulted CST Sambo on his face with a fist.
He to the drawer next to the bed ,pulled a firearm and cocked it.When he cocked it a bullet fell out.He proceeded to grab the firearm from CST Ramahanedza’s holster,during the process the retention cord cut the arm of the member and the firearm was in possession of the suspect.Sgt Nemaxwi then pulled his firearm and shot the suspect once on his head.
Suspect was arrested and is under guard at Pinehaven Hospital.

IPID was informed as per Ref GP202111130157MD

Scene was attended to by Sector vehicle, Detectives,LCRC,Duty officer and Station Commander.