Nicholas Ninow: Disgusting details of his crime revealed in court


Trigger Warning: This article detailing the crimes of Nicholas Ninow contains some extremely graphic information on the sexual abuse of a minor from the seventh paragraph onwards.

There is a macabrely-fitting resonance to the fact that the Nicholas Ninow trial – which could have started any point in the last year – just so happened to get underway this week. South Africa has gone through a traumatic start to September, with high-profile femicides and violence against women dominating the discourse.
Gatvol citizens have taken to the streets. They are claiming that “enough is enough”. The president has vowed to tackle the vulgar rates of sexual assaults recorded in this country. But few crimes come close to what Nicholas Ninow did last September, in terms of sheer and utter depravity.

Who is Nicholas Ninow?

The 21-year-old has admitted to raping a seven-year-old girl in the bathroom of a Dros restaurant. For the best part of a year, Ninow has befitted the image of a modern bogeyman. He’s not tall, dark and shadowy – he looks just like many South Africans of his age and background. And now, he’s perhaps the most fitting representation of Mzansi’s fractured society.
He has been afforded the luxury of anonymity by some media houses. For the last 12 months, the exact details of his crimes had been concealed – ready and waiting to be exposed in a criminal trial. That day has arrived, and what we’ve learned could churn an iron stomach. It just had to be this week, didn’t it?

Dros rapist trial begins

Nicholas Ninow has candidly revealed precisely what happened in the Dros bathroom on that fateful Sunday evening. In a statement shared with the Pretoria High Court, the defence detailed exactly how their client stalked the defenceless prey, and pounced without remorse of fear or reprisal.
It’s at this point we’re going to warn you, the details are utterly abhorrent from here onwards. Reader discretion is advised, but the details – no matter how unflinching – have now been made public knowledge.

Details of Nicholas Ninow’s crime revealed:

According to the statement issued in court on Monday, Nicholas Ninow went to the bathroom of Dros because he was feeling unwell. He then ingested the drug “tik” to make him feel better. However, he claims he was “unwittingly” in the women’s toilets. It was then, Ninow claims, he “instinctively grabbed” the little girl who was passing by his stall, and he began violating her:

Nicholas Ninow is also facing a charge for “obstruction of justice” – this is because he tried to flush the bloodied panties of his victim down the toilet in Dros.

He has confessed to putting his penis in the child’s mouth.

Ninow stated that he penetrated the girl using his fingers.

A doctor’s report indicated her private parts were swollen, bruised and torn.

A host of witnesses are set to take the stand throughout this week. Despite Nicholas Ninow entering a guilty plea in the first few minutes of the trial, the session of court will continue as the judge attempts to evaluate the raw severity of the crime. The last day for proceedings is scheduled for Friday 20 September.