[photos] Nicholas Ninow: Witness in tears as first pictures of crime scene revealed


It has been another emotionally-draining day in the Pretoria High Court, as the Nicholas Ninow rape trial continues on Tuesday. At the beginning of the week, the Dros rapist admitted to a violent sexual assault against a seven-year-old girl last year – his confession matched the chilling nature of the crime.

After submitting his plea, it was the turn of state witnesses to describe the horrendous aftermath from September 2018. Ninow admitted to two counts of rape, one count of drug possession and another of trying to defeat the ends of justice. He denies assaulting customers who attempted to apprehend him, however.

Emotional witness testimony in the Nicholas Ninow case

On Tuesday, the brave restaurant staff and patrons who were in the Dros restaurant at the time detailed exactly what they saw when it became apparent something awful had happened. First up in the witness box was a child-minder employed by the facility. She described how the young victim asked to go to the toilet, after visiting the play area.

The employee in question said she nipped to get some lunch en-route to the toilet. When she returned to the kids’ corner, the little girl had still not returned. The anonymous witness revealed that her and the irate mother – who slammed the worker for being “untrustworthy” – then stormed towards the bathroom and pushed one of the stall doors.

“I felt like a failure” – Dros child-minder

There was a pushback from the inside, alerting the pair to a potentially dangerous situation. They managed to get the door open, and they saw the victim wearing her skirt but not the purple tights she had on. Nicholas Ninow, at this point, was in the stall too and was described as “shirtless” by the child-minder, who then became physically upset in the court:

Meanwhile, a second witness explained that when a group of them forced the cubicle door open, Nicholas Ninow was there with his trousers unzipped, too. They claim the 21-year-old then tried to attack patrons and staff with a belt, as they attempted to get him out of the bathroom. It was then claimed the main doors to Dros were shut, in order to prevent the defendant from escaping.

Nicholas Ninow: Pictures of the Dros crime scene

The court has also seen the immediate aftermath of the assault, as crime scene photos were shared with the media and the legal teams. They paint a harrowing picture of what occurred before Ninow was caught:

Clothes were removed from both the rapist and the victim –

A broken glass was found in the cubicle where this heinous act took place – Photo: Liela Magnus / SABC

Blood and other fluids were found on the bathroom flood – Photo: Liela Magnus / SABC