PICS | Elderly Man burned with paraffin and robbed


A family member sends this to Gang watch please make this viral.

My Uncle was on his way to Bluerout Mall he was over the railway line when he passed 3 coloured males they greeted him and he greeted back.

Just as he passed them he felt something wet and they had thrown something like paraffin on him and set him alight one threw the paraffin and the other the match.

While he was burning they hit him with a bottle twice over his head and while he was still burning on the side of his face neck and back they took off his chain, ring and sunglasses.

Struggling to hold on they wanted his phone and couldn’t get it out fast enough when the told him if he doesn’t give it then they must start stabbing and one started picking up. bricks realizing what’s happening he gave the phone.

That’s when they left him he made his way home full of blood his shirt burnt face black.