While everyone was enjoying New Year’s Eve and had a lovely time with their family and friends, few people didn’t think about the animals when they shoot fireworks.

Most people say that they went to a farm or far away from where the dogs and cats won’t get distracted but yet forget about the farm- or wild animals and even the birds. We as the Bloemfontein SPCA were extremely busy this time of year, almost every five minutes we received an emergency call about animals in need but we feel like we failed Brody.
Brody comes from a small town about 120 km from Bloemfontein, it is called Winburg.

The Bloemfontein SPCA received a call from an old granny who informed us that she saw three children of about ten years old holding down a dog and putting fireworks in the dog’s ears. The granny tried to chase the children down but due to her age, she couldn’t chase them down and was screaming and shouting at them while she sees how they put firework is Brody’s ear. She said she started crying, just so they could stop as they first threw some of the crackers at Brody and then saw how they placed the firework in his ear. She said that she heard a big bang sound and then suddenly hear how Brody was screaming and the children were laughing.

It was 05h00 the morning when the granny called the SPCA to tell us that the boys ran away with the dog and that she cannot see them anymore. As we arrived in Winburg to see if we can find Brody the granny showed us where it happened and we walked with her all around the area but couldn’t find Brody. We walked hours to find poor Brody but unfortunately, we couldn’t find him.
Three days later we received a call from a member of Winburg that they found a puppy (Brody) in a manhole and when he got him out, he saw that Brody had severe injuries and that his ear is almost off.

We knew immediately that it was Brody. We drove fast to Winburg and when we found the puppy, we were shocked by what we found. We called the granny to identify Brody. When she arrived, she started crying and we knew immediately that it was Brody.
It is hard to imagine that children can be th

at cruel, especially at such a young age. What has our children came to be or are becoming! The poor animal was very scared and extremely hurt. We believe that Brody was traumatized since he was crying and did not want us to touch him. At the moment we cannot tell but only hope that one day Brody will trust a human again, only time will tell. The whole ear was found fallen, there were black marks on the ear which indicated that there was a fire on him. Fortunately, the crackers did not penetrate through the brain, however, Brody is badly injured.
When the Veterinarian looked at Brody, she was shocked by what she found. There were maggots in the wound and that he needs to go underneath a big operation. There is a severe infection by the head and brain and might lose his ear.

We, the Bloemfontein SPCA, know that January is a long m

onth and that we need to help Brody. Brody needs to undergo a big operation to save his life and to live a normal life. We ask desperately for a donation to help Brody for his operation and medication to help against the infection. It will cost R 10 000 but we had a few cents left and paid R 1000 to help Brody, but we still need R 9000. We ask you, the public, to please help us to help Brody.
Bank details:
Bank: ABSA
Account name: BFN Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Account number: 927 910 2644
Branch code: 632 005
Reference: Brody
You can send an SMS to 42646 with the word Bloemspca. (SMS cost R30)
Visit our website and click on the donate button to do an easy payment towards Brody – reference Brody.
Thank you to you the supporters that help us when we and an animal needs help! We appreciate all your support.