Pics | Kzn Police Kills House Robbery Suspect, Arrests two


An alleged house robber was shot and killed during a shoot-out with police at residential premises in Weenen, Kwazulu Natal on Wednesday.

Spokesperson Captain Nqobile Gwala says an elderly businessman who just entered his premises was accosted by three armed men with two who assaulted him in his garage.

He says the third suspect entered the house and assaulted the wife, demanding cash and the safe key.

Police received a report of a robbery in progress and responded to the scene.

When the suspects spotted police a shoot-out ensued.

Gwala says one suspect was shot dead, one wounded, disarmed and arrested and another cooperated with police and handed himself over.

The men’s three accomplices were waiting in a getaway car but when police arrived they sped away.

Gwala says in their haste they crashed their vehicle and fled the scene.

Police confiscated firearms and ammunition.

The arrested suspects aged 34 and 49 will appear in the Weenen Magistrates Court on Friday.