The Hawks sadly lost another member of the team this morning, this comes two weeks after two otherHawks members were shot on duty. Colonel Brewer was traveling to work around 06:30 when he was shot.

It has been reported that the weapon used was of high calibre and the officer died on the scene.

At this stage no suspects have been found and the man hunt to find those responsible has started.

The National Commissioner has condemned the “senseless” killing of a fellow team member and has initiated a “72-hour Action Plan” to ensure that the senseless killers are brought to justice for their crimes.

Colonel Brewer was renowned for his hard work and commitment, he was known for the complex cases he cracked and was part of the battle to stop Rhino poaching.

General Sitole has come forward to express his condolences to the family of Colonel Brewer and stated that the SAPS has suffered a huge loss.

Suspect Sought

#StopRhinoKingpins | PHOTO: Alleged Kruger kingpin “MR BIG”

Breaking news. Jamie Joseph writes…SAVING THE WILD LAUNCHES R100 000 REWARD for information leading to the arrest (for murder) of the man suspected of killing senior Hawks officer Lieutenant Colonel LeRoy Bruwer. He was gunned down this morning on his way to work.

Bruwer was the investigating officer in the arrest of the alleged #rhino poaching kingpin of #Kruger, Petros Mabuza (pictured here, photo credit: Saving the Wild). Mabuza was due to go on trial in May.

Mabuza is currently out on bail. Saving the Wild will DOUBLE THE REWARD if Mabuza is denied bail in the High Court.

Please keep your thoughts and prayers with Leroy’s family.

Saving the Wild will do everything in our power to find the killer and demand that justice be done. The South African government has failed us, and nothing we do can ever bring back a life. The government continues to let our people get murdered and targeted, while the corruption in the courts is only getting worse.

Mabuza never should have got bail, again and again.

Referring to Saving the Wild’s 2019 End Year Report______
As for the alleged Kruger kingpin, Petros Mabuza aka “Mr Big”, it was Saving the Wild’s intel that led to Mabuza’s arrest in June 2018. Unfortunately it is once again out of our hands because the man keeps getting bail under extremely suspicious circumstances. Unless the National Prosecuting Authority takes the bail verdict to the High Court – which they said they would – Mabuza has won. Saving the Wild is not going to waste another five years fighting it in the courts.

We have the advantage in Kwazulu Natal because there is so much evidence of corruption in the courts through bank trails – the corrupt magistrates were so arrogant that they got sloppy. And the links to The Gwala Syndicate are rock solid. #BloodRhinoBlacklist

Mabuza is smart, cautious, and incredibly powerful, with a very long list of police and court officials on his payroll – and he cannot be beaten if he is out on bail. We’re not going to waste donor money pretending that we can win this battle. Our only chance is that Mabuza gets locked up without bail, and when it goes to trial the magistrate or judge is of the utmost integrity, as well as the prosecutor. If there is a will there is a way – but the government shows no will.

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