PICS | Woman warns others after Uber driver attacked her


An Uber driver in Johannesburg is accused of assaulting a woman in Johannesburg who allegedly questioned the route and tried to stomp on ahead of oncoming traffic.

Thembisa Coleman, 31, who has already appeared in court on charges of assault, was released on bail.

Karin Westphal, 53, reported the alleged incident to the Bedfordview police station and also brought it to the attention of the Uber company.
She also contacted the media to report on the alleged incident to bring it to the attention of other Uber users.

Turns out she ordered an Uber from Kensington to Alberton on August 13 for her and a friend.

According to her, Coleman was driving in the wrong direction with them. She apparently advised him to drive on the highway because it is a shorter road. He apparently didn’t heed and Westphal again asked him to choose the highway option on the navigation system.
He then allegedly lost his temper.
She said she was scared, and apparently asked him to stop the car.

“He stopped, got out and pulled me out on the passenger side of the car. He kept hitting me over the head, ”she claims. According to her, her glasses were damaged in the incident.
Westphal also claims that Coleman tried to stomp her ahead of the oncoming traffic, but that her friend stopped him.

She then received treatment in a hospital and reported the case to the police. She said she was still traumatized by the incident and dissatisfied because police apparently did not keep her informed about the investigation.

An Uber spokesman described the alleged incident as shocking and against the company’s guidelines.
“We take any such incident very seriously and immediately prohibit any affected driver from accessing the Uber app.

“Uber is in contact with the police. However, we also give the driver support as the investigation has not yet been completed. “