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Schoemanskloof farm murder, victim identified as Jakes Snyman (57)

The farmer who was shot to death during a farm attack at Schoemanskloof, in the Mpumalanga province has been identified as Jakes Snyman (57). Snyman farmed with cattle and goats.

It was first reported that Mr Snyman may have been shot through his security gate when he opened the door but he in fact opened the door and went outside to investigate when he heard noises.

Mr Snyman walked into attackers outside the house and was shot by them. He tried to run back into the house and was followed by the attackers.

The three black male attackers then assaulted and tied up his wife Carien (48), plundered the house and left with an amount of cash.

Carien only managed to untie herself ten hours later and called for help. She was seriously injured and was admitted to he Rob Ferreira hospital in Mbombela.

When the Police arrived on Wednesday morning 1 May 2022, at around 07:00 they discovered Mr. Snyman’s body in his sitting room area.

There have been no arrests.



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