THERE was a reason why Len Cloete was out of his blue underpants and only in his muscular adams robe.

The whole debacle that has been going on all week around the exchange between Len and cops at the Misty Hills Country Hotel in Muldersdrift in Gauteng, just does not come to rest.

Meanwhile, Len is still in a coma in hospital after being shot in the head. It happened after he grabbed a female cop’s weapon from her hands and then said in a video to the audience: “Shoot me…”

In the radio interview, the presenter wanted to know: “Why was your husband naked?” Chantal’s explanation goes: “The person who made the video is one of Len’s best friends.

“He (Len) also tried to explain to the police that he was on his way to bed. He had been in the process of putting on his pajamas. “Our friends were waiting in our room because we did not have keys yet.”

The whole thing started after Len first had an argument with the hotel staff asking them to leave the premises. He apparently refused and went to get a firearm.