Two Killed In Drug Den Shooting: KZN *GRAPHIC*


Two Killed In Drug Den Shooting: Ogunjini – KZN

*Warning: Pictures Are Extremely Graphic And Not For Sensitive Readers

Two men aged 45 & 46 were shot and killed at a house in Ogunjini, KZN last night (Tuesday).

Residents contacted Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) at approximately 21:39 after hearing gun shots at a house which is believed to be used as a drug den. Reaction Officers and RUSA Medics were dispatched for the call and on arrival located one of the men lying on the floor in one of the rooms.

He was shot in the head and died at the scene. According to residents, a second person was also shot but was rushed privately to a local hospital. Reaction Officers learnt that he demised shortly after his arrival at the medical facility.

The motive for the murders are unclear at this stage