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Two killed in Fidelity ADT vehicle crash – (Watch) footage

A quiet Sunday afternoon, on 26 June, had a disastrous ending for three pedestrians who were struck by a Fidelity ADT vehicle out of nowhere.

Almost a week after the tragedy, footage of the dramatic accident emerged on social media showing exactly what happened prior to the accident.

With the help of an unknown man narrating the video provided a better understanding and focal points.


As the three men walk on what looks like the pavement of Palmview Drive in Phoenix, a Fidelity ADT response bakkie comes speeding, and apparently loses control and runs straight into the pedestrian before crashing down an embankment.

The narrator describes the action by saying, “look at that, look at the speed he was travelling in”.

Initially, one person was killed on the scene while two others were injured.

“The three men were allegedly crossing the road when they were run over. The bakkie veered off the road and crashed down an embankment.
“Members of Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) arrived on the scene at 17:16 and found paramedics from Netcare 911 and KZN VIP treating the two injured pedestrians,” Reaction Unit SA (RUSA) spokesperson Prem Balram, explained.

The latest on this tragedy is that another pedestrian passed away in hospital.

According to IOL, police spokesperson Constable Thenjiswa Ngcobo confirmed the death of the second victim in hospital.
The Fidelity ADT officer, who’s been suspected to have been intoxicated, sustained minor injuries.

This is a developing story.



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