[video] Nicholas Ninow reacts to guilty verdict as chaos engulfs court


Nicholas Ninow has been found guilty on three of the four charges levelled against him. The Dros Rapist is facing a lenghty spell behind bars, after the Pretoria High Court upheld counts of rape, drug possession and defeating the ends of justice – the latter of which applies to his efforts to flush away some of the evidence.

Ninow raped a seven-year-old in a Dros bathroom and attempted to dispose of her panties in a crude fashion, after they were covered in blood. Forensic evidence and damning testimonies have condemned the 21-year-old to what will surely be decades in prison. But there wasn’t just a story in the dock to be reported.

Nicholas Ninow: Court disruptions either side of guilty verdict

The Monday morning session was chaotic, to say the least, both before and after the judgement was handed down. One of the more bizarre incidents of this jack-knifing trial was reported by a senior SABC journalist, who said that a man “claiming to be an angel” had arrived to “come and adopt” Nicholas Ninow:

Anger in the courtroom

Many attendees in court – including EFF members and representatives of the ANC’s Women’s League – were hoping that we would see an immediate sentencing after the verdict. This, however, has been scuppered by legal teams. Both the prosecution and defence were given a month to prepare their arguments for how long Nicholas Ninow should be jailed for.

The case was postponed until 16 October, sparking scenes of fury in the gallery:

Nicholas Ninow reacts to “guilty” judgement

Their anger was arguably fuelled by the emotional state Nicholas Ninow found himself in, too. The convicted rapist cut a sorrowful figure in the dock, but he gained very little sympathy in the process. His reaction to the verdict was solemn, but the onlookers behind him still managed to vocalise their dismay.