Video |”Overkill” Sbv Guard Executes Robbers


WARNING: The videos and images you will see in this article are of a graphic nature. Viewers’ discretion is strongly advised.

Where did this cash-in-transit heist take place?

The details around the footage that’s been circulating on social media are sketchy, and we are very wary about leading with speculation.

Alas, the video, shared by Twitter user, @FundiNzimande05, has since gone viral and it shows exactly what happens when cash-in-transit security gets the upper hand over armed robbers.

Based on the information provided by the Twitter user, it is believed that the incident took place in KwaMashu, a township situated about 12km north of Durban.

Further reports suggest that this may have occurred outside Bridge City Mall, on Monday, when seven armed robbers attempted to accost cash-in-transit security guards as they were transferring bags of cash into the truck.
Thinking that they had outnumbered the guards, the last thing they expected was a full

-blown revolt from the security. A shootout ensued between the robbers and the security, and two of the seven suspects were fatally wounded.

While a police report has yet to confirm this, it is believed that the other five cash-in-transit robbers managed to escape without serious harm. The footage you will below is of the aftermath of the shootout.