WATCH: Customer THROWS soup in restaurant employee’s face


A woman has been banned from a restaurant after she threw a cup of soup on an employee, in a moment of rage.

The incident occurred at Sol de Jalisco, an eatery in Temple, Texas. The victim, Jannelle Broland, recounted the attack in a TikTok video. According to Broland, the angry customer had complained that the soup was too hot and had melted the lid of the container it was in.

“All she wanted to do was yell and cuss,” Broland said in her video. “She called me names and the kitchen staff names. I told her, ‘Ma’am I can still help you, all I’m asking is you do not yell and curse at me.’ She says ‘Oh no, honey, you haven’t heard attitude yet, and I will talk to you any which way I f—ing want. I said, ‘No ma’am you will not,’ and I hung up the phone.”

Police have told a news station that the customer will face criminal charges.


The incident was caught on camera and has gone viral on social media. The clip shows the woman suddenly throwing the soup in Broland’s face and quickly leaving the restaurant.