Two Brakfontein farmers outside East London are once again at each other’s throats over an access road which has caused a seven-year feud.

Businessman Fritz Joubert said he was living in fear after the son of his neighbour, Victor Badenhorst, broke in and caused damage to his property. Joubert said he was alerted by another neighbour that there were people on his property.

“I went to check what was going with my friend and we saw two young boys running out of my office. One of them was Steven, the son of Victor, my neighbour.”

He showed the DispatchLIVE a broken window that he assumed was how the teens had gained entry. His business documents were strewn on the floor and light switches and a camera system had also been broken.

“I don’t know why he would do that because he is entering his father’s issues with me.”

Two Brakfontein farmers outside East London are once again at each other’s throats over an access road which has caused a seven-year feud.

He said he tied the boys up with cable ties and that is when Badenhorst and his family made threats to him. “They said they will get thugs to come and shoot me dead.”

The ongoing row is over the access roads which both farmers use. Joubert claims he built it from his own pocket.

“He wanted me to give him money to fix the road which was going to benefit him as well. I used a lot of money to fix that road and I never asked them for money.”

The road is situated in between their farms. “That access road is here for everyone. My kids cannot ride around on their bicycles because he has seven dogs that run around, and I asked them to close their place so the dogs can stay inside, but he said it’s his place.”

He said over 30 cases have been opened between the two men. “He would always come and have these outbursts at me. He has opened a case against me for stealing his fences. His other son came and pulled his pants here and made a dump at my gate and he always swears at me from his house.

“I don’t want to take the law into my own hands, so the police asked me to get a harassment and protection order against them. These people are just jealous of me.”

Victor Badenhorst could not be reached on his phone. However, his stepson, Lucas Woodington, speaking on behalf of the family, said Joubert was causing fear in the area. He said Joubert cut through their fence to make the access road to his property. “My brother would never do that. I know he is naughty but he would never break into someone’s house.”

He accused Joubert of damaging their fence and of killing their dogs. “Fritz threw down our fences with his trucks. That man can’t be touched or locked up because the police are scared of him. Maybe he pays them.”

Joubert admitted to shooting Badenhorst’s dogs. “I did not know it was his dogs and they were hunting illegally on my property. And I do not want poaching on my place.

“I now get anonymous messages on my phone saying that the person texting me is my worst nightmare.”

Police spokeswoman Warrant Officer Hazel Mgqala at first said the ongoing disputes between the two families was resolved. She later said two teenagers aged 14 and 16 were arrested and would appear in court tomorrow.