A man shopping for cool drink has been hailed a hero after coming to the aid of a shop owner who was held up by a panga-wielding assailant in Cape Town.

“It’s the shop where I normally buy my Coke. The people always treat you with the utmost respect when you walk into that shop,” he said.

In a video shared on social media, the shop owner sits on a chair behind the counter. A man with a beanie takes out what appears to be a panga from his bag and takes a swing at the proprietor.

The attacker walks around the corner and again instructs the owner to give him money.

“Take money, take money, but don’t touch me. Don’t touch me,” the owner begs.

After a few seconds, a scuffle breaks out and the owner starts screaming. This is when Raal enters the shop. He looks confused about the fight taking place.

Raal then walks to the counter, picks up an object and starts beating the robber.

He manages to evade the attack and flees.

“When you hear any person or animal scream like that for his life, I just think it’s human nature to help.

Raal shared footage of the incident on his Facebook page, with the caption: “Durbanville action.”

His post has since been flooded with comments, hailing him a hero.

“Werner that was very brave of you. It could have gone either way. I am glad that you decided to help the man,” a comment read.

Another read: “My respect Werner. Well done to you and the shopkeeper. That criminal must have cut his hands badly the way he was fighting for the knife. I hope he did and I hope the police are checking the local clinics and hospitals.”

“Well done to the guy that came in and helped the shop owner you were truly an angel send by God that moment,” said another user.

Police spokesperson Siyabulela Malo confirmed the incident, adding that the shop owner sustained open wounds to his hands and upper body during the attack.

No arrests have been made.