Watch | Journalist calls Julius Malema a “p**s” Live on Tv


Julius Malema doesn’t half stir up the emotions in South Africa. But one journalist may have just about had all he can take with the divisive EFF leader.

EWN‘s Barry Bateman has fallen foul of a rather unfortunate camera placement, which captured him saying something… debatable… after the interview had finished

Did Julius Malema just get called a p**s on TV?

Juju, Who was ranting about the assault charges filed against him by Hawks, gave a bellicose statement where he expressed regret over “not hitting a security guard harder” during a fracas at the Winnie Mandela memorial service last April. He cranked up the volume and appeared animated as ever.

When Malema turned and walked away, the cameras kept rolling and Bateman unfortunately drifted into view. That’s when we were given this moment of hilarity.

Just seconds before this, the CIC said that neither he nor his comrades were scared of anyone – “whether they were white or pink”: