WATCH: Man walks to Whitehouse to “discuss the persecution and genocide of minorities in South Africa”

Jason Bartlett’s Walk to Freedom started today, Translation of the video can be found below.

The video is in Afrikaans, we will translate some of the statements to English.

My people at home, the ones that know God. The ones that go on their knees every night and pray for me, my feet and legs. I honestly appreciate it. I studied in Bloemfontein and met my best friends in the Free state. So the men of Free State, thank you for the man you made me and the trouble and love you gave me.

The devil is on the loose there, but he is not in control. Our almighty God is in control and we love him.

In America

I’m here in America now and I will take about 10 days to walk out of Texas. I have 1500 miles that I will walk and I am not doing it to get fame. The ones that know me will understand. I have always known God. But the last year or two, I have gone on my knees and said: Father what is going on in South Africa. Our people are getting slaughtered, it’s pathetic. It’s not right.

I understand why we are who we are, we are hardy people. We are also part of Africa, we are also part of the Big 5. Without the buffalo that people now hunts the most. I am not talking about the buffalo, I am talking about us. They are hunting us. They are hunting us, my people. The things they are doing to our children and our people are awful. It’s not right.

I don’t want hate in me, I forgive them as hard as it may be. It’s not right though. Go on your knees and ask forgiveness for what you did wrong. Don’t ask forgiveness because you are white or Christians. Be proud of who you are. You are Afrikaners, you are farmers. You are men of God. You are the women of God.


It’s 2020, the angels are celebrating. After 25 years I have seen everyone saying, one day we will rise. No one stood up. Then I decided, I have good friends in Bloemfontein and Northwest. What’s going on there is murder and hate. They hate us. I am 32, I have seen the country going down. The land is in pieces.

Rugby doesn’t bring us together. I have gotten a message from a Springbok player that said, thank you for what you are doing for God’s kingdom. It’s unbelievable, I haven’t done anything yet. I can’t do it with my body and might alone.

You know what, I am man enough to go on my knees and ask: Father please help me and my people. The people that don’t stand with me, I understand that you don’t have hope. The hope does not lay in the Web Ellis Cup or Miss Universe. Hope lays in the book of Good. Prays the lord.

Biesies gaan bewe

As they say “Die biesies gaan bewe” and the angels sing in heaven right now, I know it. They won’t stop it, this is our time. We are being silenced, killed and being slaughtered. It’s done now. I must say, I love you all. My God be with you all.

I am doing it for you and your children. Your children should grow up and say we know God. We are not scared to say it.

I will do my best, I am just a person. I get mad. I get sad.

They can come, God is on my side. I am not scared of anyone with God my side.