Watch Msc Cruise Ship Crashes into Wharf


Tourists have been filmed running along a wharf seconds before an out-of-control cruise ship crashed into it.

Four female tourists were injured falling or trying to run away when the cruise ship rammed into tourist boat the River Countess in Venice’s Giudecca Canal, medical authorities told the Associated Press.

One of the Australians on board the out-of-control ship described the surreal moment he realised the massive vessel wasn’t turning.

He told the Today show this morning he was sat on his balcony eating breakfast when he saw “people running everywhere” as the ship careered into the wharf.

“We noticed it was heading straight for that pier,” he said. “The closer it got, the more we started to freak out.
“Not much we could do. We had the best seat in the house for it.”
The footage, from the San Basilio cruise terminal in Venice, was captured about 8.30am Sunday local time, Italian media reported.

It showed the MSC Opera’s air horn sounding as it careened into the wharf, collecting a local tourist boat in the process. The MSC Opera scraped along the dockside, its engine blaring, before knocking into the Michelangelo tourist boat.