Fast-food restaurant company KFC has hit back at claims that their chicken has maggots.

This comes after a woman shared in a video that has since gone viral that she discovered maggots in chicken bought from a KFC in Lydenburg

KFC South Africa also confirmed to The Citizen this week that they are aware of the incident, but that “it must be noted that our chicken is cooked at high temperatures of 170°C

The restaurant said the presence of maggots in KFC chicken when purchased is simply not possible under these conditions.

The post attracted many comments with all kinds of opinions. @SinothileMhlon1 wrote: “@KFCSA aiy honestly I’d believe anything said against you. Even my favourite KFC sometimes serves funny-tasting food. Especially in the morning.”

Another user, @AGlossylips, asked: “Do they not burn in that blazing hot frying oil? Or did they appear while on those trays that collect dust and customer or staff breaths?” To which one user, @_Neshaune_Kings, replied saying he used to work at KFC, and sometimes when they had fried chicken leftover the night, they stored it and sold it again the next day.

“I worked at KFC in Pretoria. Sometimes when we had fried chicken leftover the night, we stored it and sold it again the next day…just because it’s hot it doesn’t mean it was fried..Microwave swirrat,” he wrote. User @KgaugeloMosuwe thought it was impossible that the meat left KFC with maggots.

“There’s no way that meat left KFC like that cause it takes about a day for those eggs to turn into worms like that,” she wrote. In the clip posted on Twitter by @TjeeyMiah5, the woman utters in disbelief that “we are going to die.”

Source: IOL