What we know about the Cloete case, the man shot in the head by a cop


An altercation at a lodge quickly took a severe turn. Now, a man believed to be Len Cloete as sources report, is fighting for his life after being shot in the head by a police officer.null

The situation began with an unclear altercation that occurred between Cloete and the staff of the Misty Hills Country Hotel in Muldersdrift, as IOL reports.

According to the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid) spokesperson Grace Langa, the altercation led to Cloete being reported to the security manager. According to Langa,  Cloete was asked to leave the premises stating that “the hotel would refund him, however, he refused.”

According to The South African, the altercation had something to do with a hotel room not being ready – despite the ordeal with the police occurring in a room at the lodge in which Cloete was followed to by police and the security manager. 

The SAPs arrived with the intention to remove Cloete from the premises, but the situation escalated very quickly.null

In video footage posted, Cloete is seen to be standing in his underwear as police surrounded the entrance with two officers inside.

According to Langa, Cloete had two firearms in the room.null

“Now you are playing dangerous,” one of the police officers can be heard saying in the video, to which Cloete’s responded “Whose playing dangerous? You f****** coward. Come on.”

A woman off-screen can be heard saying in a panic that the police are supposed to protect them – not endanger them.

“He took out his firearms and then one of the bullets fell onto the ground,” said Langa. 

“It is alleged he then took the firearm from one of the police officers’ hand, insisting that police officers must shoot him,” she continued.

The video footage reveals that Cloete did say, potentially in a bluffing tone, that the police officers must shoot him.

And so one did.

“The guest was in possession of two firearms when another police officer took out his service pistol and shot that man once on the head,” Langa indicated.

In the video, screams from the woman believed to be Cloete’s wife can be heard while the recording goes dark.

Cloete is currently in an undisclosed hospital in a coma, fighting for his life at the time of this article’s writing.

According to Rekord, the lead investigator in the case, Cecil Benadie, the case is at a sensitive stage and some information has not yet been shared. However, a case of robbery, assault and malicious damage to property against Cloete has been opened.

In a Facebook post, Cloete’s wife, Chantel shared that “My husband fighting for his life. My heart are [sic] completely broken. Taking day by day. We miss you! Your kids are waiting for you. Fight my man I cannot lose you, not like this. Please pray for a miracle everyone. He was shot and is currently in a coma. We love you my angel my man my everything. Please come back to us.”

It is believed that Cloete is a father of two from Pretoria.

This is a developing story.