The murderer of the 69 year old Rina Groenewald – whose naked body was discovered on 2 September this year in her bath in a granny flat in Henley-on-Klip, Gauteng – has been found and arrested in Queensburgh KwaZulu-Natal.

Groenewald who lived on a SASSA pension was found naked in her bath. It was determined that she was strangled with a pipe that connected a showerhead with the tap.

It has now come to light that she was murdered by the 26 year old Skye Cody Olckers who she took under her wing after he lost his job. She gave him a place to stay for a year.

According to Groenewald’s sister, Jane Grobler, Groenewald met Olckers at a cellphone shop in Alberton last year when she took her phone to be fixed. They began chatting for some reason and when he was fired after a while she allowed Olckers to move in with her.

Olckers’s mother and step dad also stayed with Groenewald for a while. Groenewald sold her flat in Alberton at the beginning of this year. The 2 of them burned through R300 000 of that money from March to August according to Grobler.

Groenewald moved into the granny flat in Henley-on-Klip after selling her flat in Alberton.

She also allowed Olckers to stay there. Grobler says her sister told her at the end of July that she is starting to be afraid of Olckers. Groenewald did ask Olckers to leave a couple of times but he came back every time. The landlord mentioned that Olckers was sleeping on a couch in the TV room.

Grobler spoke to her sister over the phone on 23 August and the next day over whattsapp. Grobler then could not get hold of her sister for several days after which she and others went to look for Groenewald and found her dead in the bath.

After that somebody informed Grobler that somebody is advertising some of Groenewald’ s furniture over the internet. It was Olckers.

Olckers will be making his first court appearance today.